Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I did it to myself... we went to the Animal Shelter on a snow day. Who gives that kind of suggestion to her family when we have been trapped inside for a few days? I was even the one who spotted the dog on the way back to his kennel and asked if we could meet him. If eating three piece of cake in one sitting didn't lead me to believe that I have impulse control issues... sheeeeesh.

Gene says that it was meant to be. That this dog was fate. I had told the girls and Gene that after my precious Poppy Kitty died that I would consider a dog. (Poppy passed away around Christmas.) But only if the dog came from a home that couldn't take care of him any longer. This was the case with Friday. His owner had five dogs and a filthy house so he had to give up two of his beloved pups. Earlier that day we had read an article at the chiro's office about how smart border collies are. Was it fate?
He is just the type of dog for Gene. Not so much for me... he's not a cat. I enjoy all animals but I could easily live with a handful of cats. No, I haven't seen the tv show Animal Hoarders (if that's what you're thinking).
I'm warming up to having a dog. Gene is doing 90% of the work. The girls are thrilled. I could use someone to inspire me to get out and walk more. I guess this dog thing will work out just fine. ;)


Becky said...

I have been wondering how the dog was working out! What a cutie! And collies are super smart. Perfect for you guys!