Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gene's Been Home

Remember all those weepy broken down posts about how painful and exhausting this past year has been? Deployments - I say this with disdain - GRRRRRRR!

Gene has been home for two months now... it is like he has been home forever. The little things that I thought wouldn't bother me for months are back. I had visions of being this sweet "little" women who would have all this new-found energy. I would never be crabby. You know... love is patient, love is kind...?

I had plans to look better when Gene came home from work. My hair was going to be brushed and not in a ponytail. I was going to go to the extremes of wearing jeans and not sweats. Most importantly, I planned on greeting him with a hug and kiss every day when he walked in the door so he knows that he is a valued member of our family. So far, I am usually wearing an apron when Gene gets home from work so I don't get any additional stains on my old t-shirt.

I have spent an untold amount of energy the last two days being frustrated with Gene. Here is the story... I'll try to be short. Sunday, Greta and I didn't feel well. We were two fevered whiny peas in a pod. Sunday is also the day I plan our meals for the week, make the grocery list, and buy groceries. Gene was kind enough to offer to get groceries so I wouldn't have to go out and contaminate the rest of the Quad Cities. What a nice guy.

Gene left at 2:30 in the afternoon and didn't come home until 6:00 in the evening. Strike one! There was 27 -30 items on the list (I counted). Now, my list is pretty detailed... the only thing it was missing was the UPC codes. Did he make it home with the EXACT items on the list? Some of the stuff even had rotten spots on it. Strike two! Did he call to tell me that it was taking him 7 minutes per item (yes, I did the math)? Strike three! Plus, he made a pit stop at Best Buy that was "only 15 minutes".

So, for the past two days all I could think about was the 3.5 hour grocery shopping vacation Gene took while I was home sick with the kids.

Today I feel better. I also feel ashamed, selfish, and a bit ridiculous. Three months ago, having someone to get the groceries while I was home sick sounded like a bit of heaven. Where is my perspective? Oh, here is it. It was hidden behind ME, ME, ME.

I am also much wiser. The moral of my story is... don't send Gene, who is easily distracted when he doesn't have me around to keep him focused ;), to get the groceries alone. Maybe I'll put some lip gloss on around 5pm tonight - or not.

A 3.5 hour grocery shopping experience... really? You gotta be kiddin' me!!!!!!