Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cards

Two Fridays ago I went to a four hour card making marathon with a friend. It was hosted by Heather Cousins who is a Stampin' Up girl. Making cards is one of my guilty pleasures... I never make them at home. If I make a card it is at an event with friends. Not a bad way to indulge in a hobby, right? So, if you can hold a pair of scissors and use glue - beware, I may drag you to a card making class.

I walked in and staked my claim at a table. Heather handed us a large package with everything we need. There was enough paper already cut to make 18 cards. Then we went and looked at all the card ideas... I bet there was 40 cards to pick from. I picked a card I liked, went back to my spot, and re-create that card. They were all simple designs and worked off of the same color scheme so everything mix and matched.

If was so much fun. By the end, I was just making up my own cards. I walked out of there with 24 completed cards and left over supplies to make more cards, if I can get myself motivated at home. They also came with envelopes - which I have already misplaced in my well organized home (not).

I like these cards because they hold a check perfectly. I usually give checks to the kids in the extended family... we all know that tweens and teens really just want the dough. I was spending $2.00 per money card each Christmas(I am thrifty so there was nothing fancy on my store bought cards). The class was $35 and I didn't have to go to the store to pick out the cards. Now these lucky "kids" will get these cards until they are too old to qualify for gifts! ;)