Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Behind

Greta checked out this very elaborate story of Cinderella from the school library. I believe it is even written in old English... she can't read a word of it. Plus, it is one of those books that make parents cringe. You know, the ones with a million words in a font size of negative eight.

Anyhoo, I passed on the joy of reading this literary masterpiece to Gigi. Every night Gigi has been reading a page or two to us before bed. Today, I was making dinner and Greta was examining the extraordinary pictures in the book and pointed out to me that one of the stinky step-sisters has a big behind. She said:

Greta: I bet the prince won't like her. She has a big butt and princes don't like big butts.

Mom: Well, we don't know that for sure. Different people like people of different sizes. (trying to point out that everyone has value no matter their size - I'm no skinny minny so this is important to me)

Greta: Well Dad likes YOUR big butt but princes don't like big butts. (and Greta exits the scene)

I guess she gets my point... kinda.


Angela said...


I'm not sure what I think is funnier:
Greta is sure Princes don't like big butts.
Greta is pointing out big butts.
Greta totally gets your point, but maintains hers.
Greta knows that her dad likes your butt.

It's all hilarious.

I'm sorry I said butt so many times. You started it.