Sunday, October 4, 2009

Waiting For A Flood

It's that time of the year. We are sorting through summer clothes and bringing out the fall wardrobe. Unfortunately for Greta, she has outgrown most of her jeans, including her favorite pair. This girl loves her bling.

On the flip side, Gigi is a Messy Marvin. One of the dresses in her closet looked like an ink pen has exploded on the side. It couldn't be passed down to Greta... or could it?!?

I cut the ruffled hem off of the dress and added it to the bottom of her jeans. That looked okay but it screamed out... my Mom is trying to recycle my jeans and cut the hem off my sister's dress and sewed it onto my jeans. Can you imagine the Thanksgiving dinners in the future? "Remember when Mom would make Greta wear high-water jeans that had Gigi's clothes sewn to the bottom? HA HA HA"

So, in order to not scar Greta's sense of style for the rest of her life I added some ribbon. That made all the difference!

We are really trying to use the three R's. I think this one falls under Reuse and Recycle. SUCCESS!


Kim said...

You are too funny! Thanks for the laugh and the inspiration! Oh yeah...first I need to learn how to use the sewing maching! ha!