Thursday, October 15, 2009

On His Way

Fishing with Daddy Oct 2007

YAHOO! We rushed home from school today and had to move at light speed to get ready for a Daisy Girl Scouts Halloween party. As we were racing around in half costume status the phone started ringing. ARGHHH! Greta was jumping around with tights half way on and well, you don't want the mental image of me trying to zip my ballgown. Not the best timing for a phone call. I would normally just ignore it (I don't heart the phone).

It was Gene and guess what? He made it to Kuwait!!!!! His flight home from this deployment had already been cancelled twice. That put his return home off for another week or more. Can you say BUMMER?

Somehow he made it on a flight out of Afghanistan.

It has been a year. We are ready for him to come home to us.
He is on his way. Thank you God!