Friday, October 2, 2009

To The Market

Here are the most recent totes who are looking for a good home. I am thinking about putting some on ETSY. I have never tried to sell there before but it might be time to have a new adventure.

Right now my fav is the brown and black paisley with the tiger stripe lining. It looks so cool.
I have others that I have used for years - one is over five years old and looks great. If you can lift it, they can hold it. Plus, I just throw them in the wash when they get dirty.
My next sewing project is re-purposing a pair of jeans for Greta that have gotten too short. I am going to make a skirt with them... I hope. (fingers crossed) I'll post the skirt when I get it finished, hopefully this weekend.


rychelle said...

Hey, It's Rychelle...I found you. I am IN LOVE with these bags and you totally need to sell them. I love all the crafts. You ar very creative...we definately need to get together. I love the halloween wreath. I have some crafts on my