Saturday, September 5, 2009

When I Bite It

When I die I know my kids will be well taken care of... or that is their plan.
On the drive home from church tonight we were talking about our neighbors. Now, let me define neighbor better. In this case it means: the family you can always count on, friends, people to model and admire, always opens the door when I knock even if I have invited myself over... they also know that my kids will soon follow no matter how many times I told them to stay at home because I would only be a minute.

Back to gossiping about the neighbors...

My beloved children who love me more than grilled cheese and birthday cake said:

Kids: We have two sets of parents.
Me: No, you only have one set of parents, Daddy and I.
Kids: Well, if you die Jamie and Tod will take care of us.
Me: laughing and thinking we'll see about that

It comforts me that my girls have adults that they trust with their lives.

It saddens me that their Dad is gone so much with the Army that they forget that he would be the one to take care of them if I meet my maker.

It sorta concerns me that they have a plan in place.
Hmmmm, I will certainly be saying my prayers tonight and it's a good thing I am a light sleeper.
Sherry trivia: First: I refuse to call my girls sleeping angels when I check on them at night... I don't want to jinx myself.

Second: Each night I thank God for allowing me another day to raise them, knowing that they are really His.