Monday, September 21, 2009

Great Friends

As we move from place to place during our Army career we are lucky enough to make some life long friends. Some of those friends become adopted family... by choice! This past week our wonderful friends/adopted family from Kansas came to visit.

It was a wonderful visit. It was like we hadn't been away for a couple of years. There wasn't any uncomfortable moments or tension. Just laughs and love. I can't tell you how good it felt to have Margaret and Larry make the trip from Kansas to here. We seldom get visitors. It is the plight of the military family. So, when we do get a visitor it makes us feel special. During the visit I kept on thinking "they love us, they really love us."

The girls ate up the undivided attention. Every little thing they did was gushed over. The individual piano recitals, the books being read, and the little hands being held by adoptive grandparents.

Gigi doesn't do well with goodbyes and usually tries to high-tail it out of the whole uncomfortable business. She barely hugged Margaret and Larry when we left the hotel. When we started pulling out of the hotel parking lot I heard Gigi's small sad voice say "I'm going to miss them." Me too.

But then the girls and I went and ate cheeseburgers and felt so much better. {giggle}