Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greta Great

Greta's 6th birthday has been celebrated early this year. Gene flew back to finish his deployment this morning... the morning of Greta's actual birthday. She doesn't seem traumatized by the fact that Gene's departure is over shadowing this special day... probably because she already had her two birthday parties - the friend party, with SIXTEEN of her FRIENDS, and her family party. Plus, we are used to being flexible on holidays. We have had birthdays, anniversary, and even Christmas early or late just so we could all be together.

The friend party, which by the way was supposed to be a pool party but it was rained out, was at the house. We have a rule... if you are having a house party you get to invite the number of kids that you are turning plus your sister and a friend for her. So, normally we wouldn't have had sixteen kids, only eight. The numbers didn't slow us down. The girls made shrinky dink necklaces and danced to Miley Cyrus. It was still a blast and Gene got to be there.

We also had our family party a day early... so Gene could be there. Greta picked Red Robin for her dinner and then we came home and had cake and opened presents. I always bake a homemade cake for the family party. If you have been following this blog you might notice that in my life cake equals love. Greta chose a chocolate fudge cake with fresh strawberries in the layers and decorating the outside. The icing was a chocolate sour cream concoction. If you have never had chocolate sour cream icing you must try it. Think of fudge spread all over a cake. YUM!

Here are a few pictures of Greta's friends screaming, oops, singing Happy Birthday. (note that some girls chose to cover their ears - smart kids) Party on!