Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas - mixed media paintings

This has been a great season for my creative side.  I love painting and mixed media is easily my favorite style.  It feels like free expression and an opportunity to recycle all in one.  Perfect for me and my happy heart.
These are a few Christmas canvases I painted to sell at Holiday Bazaars.   The theme is all about Christmas songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus.  My inspirations for paintings usually come during church.  A verse will be read or the speaker will say something that holds special meaning to me at the time.  If you saw my journal that I write sermon notes in, you would notice many sketches on the left side of the notebook and notes about the sermon on the right.  For some reason, sketching and taking notes helps me retain what I hear. 
I am grateful for the gift of creativity and also grateful that the paintings are well received and finding new homes.
A Newborn King To See

Following Yonder Star

Peace On The Earth, Good Will To Men

And Heaven And Nature Sing