Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PCS and Military Friends

It normally takes me about six months to get settled in and start making friends when we move someplace new.  I usually need that time to get moved in our new-to-us home, get the kids in their activities, and find my way around.  I am slow and being a military wife for almost two decades hasn't sped up that process.

Gene takes forever (or never) to make a friend.  I don't know what that says about him but he is slow to open up around new people and even slower to let someone in the Focker Circle Of Trust.  I can count his true friends on one hand.  Maybe I should be thankful... when he commits he is committed for life.  That is a good thing in a marriage.  ha ha

It is even more rare for us to both connect with a couple and have our kids get along.  If memory serves me correctly, this phenonmenon has happened in only two or three moves.  You know if you are one of those two or three.

This relationship was a win-win.  You know what I'm talking about... the kind of peeps that you wear your pjs over to their house to have a glass of wine while the kids raise hell in the back of the house.  The more amazing part of this friendship matrimony is that it happened in a span of less than a year.  Sadly, they left us for Hawaii... the other woman.  *sniff* *sniff*

I have been in mourning for about a month now but I feel that it is my duty to create a permanent record and start to move on.  Let the healing begin.  Just kidding, the beautiful part of being in the military is that you always run into people again.  So, instead of saying goodbye I made them a token of my affection that said "see ya' later."  Brad, Tab and family - enjoy Hawaii but know that the neighborhood isn't the same and I am getting a lot more sleep.