Saturday, July 28, 2012

Church, church, and more church camp

 Here are my babies on the way to camp.

 It is tough to let them go and have a week of date nights with Gene. 

 Gigi is a camp pro.  This is her third week long summer camp experience.

Greta was so excited about camp.  She is finally old enough to attend.

Notice that there aren't any pictures of when we picked them up from camp?  Turns out that this camp was all church and no camp... for a week.  Oh wait, they did get to swim indoors for 30 minutes a day.  We love Baby Jesus more than the average Joe but really?!?!

ON a positive note, I want to send them back next year.  I have never felt as loved as when we picked them up.  Greta was so relieved to see us that she was holding back the tears.  Unfortunately, I will have to cling to the memory of those super tight hugs because there is no way in hell we could get them to go again. ha ha


trooppetrie said...

my girls have never been to so many camps. This summer my son attending three, my girls 2 (well one was cancelled due to storm damage) plus 3 weeks at grandma's. I was so excited to have them home again. It felt weird not having everyone here