Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Piano Recital

Gigi loves playing the piano.  When we moved from Iowa I was nervous about finding her a new teacher.  Jamie, her teacher in Iowa, was not only her piano instructor but was a fantastic friend and our next door neighbor.  Gigi could run over and have her lesson in her pajamas.  It was a struggle when we got to Missouri to find a new teacher.  When Gigi met Carly she knew she was the teacher for her.  Gigi has done great playing with Carly and I am proud of her for making the transition.

Her Christmas Recital this year was beautiful. She played My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music and Frosty The Snowman.   She worked hard and could play her songs with her eyes closed but the part that was really impressive is that she aced all the dynamics of the songs.  Good job G!

There are approximately 24 students who take lessons.
Gigi and Carly


Jamie said...

Oh I miss her so much!!!! The recital is this weekend, and it just won't be the same. I'm so glad she found a teacher- her piano talent is worth pursuing. She looks so grown up in these pics.