Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Bug

It was a beautiful day at the river and we loved spending it celebrating Greta's birthday with close friends.

Greta's Rainbow Cake

This year Greta got to invite a few friends to Build A Bear for her Friends Party.

As a Mom, when I am starting to tire of baking birthday cupcakes and cakes, I always think to myself... we only get so many birthdays when our babies are our own. Then, when they have babies, they can think back and will hopefully remember how much love was put into their birthday celebrations. They aren't the most elaborate or largest parties but Gene and I really try to make their day special.
Greta is a sensitive child. She feels everything deeply and loves just as deeply. I hope she always wants to snuggle and hold my hand. She also has an gift when it comes to caring for kids younger than her. There is a lot to say about how wide open and large her heart is. She is beautiful.
The girls always get two parties: a friend party and a family party (which includes friends who are like family). I love to look at the pictures and think about how the girls have grown and how beautiful they are and will be.