Wednesday, April 14, 2010

T-shirt Pieces

I have been experimenting with t-shirts for the girls. I was trying to swap sleeves to make the plain t-shirts look more fun. Greta's shirt, the purple with yellow ruffles, was from a stained yellow t-shirt and a plain purple t-shirt. The ruffles were so easy to make. Since t-shirt material doesn't fray all I had to do was cut strips, put in a basting stitch, make the ruffle by pulling the threads, and sew them on. I would make one for myself if I thought I could sport the horizontal ruffle stripe as well as Greta!
Gigi's shirt started out as just a sleeve swap for the fun of it but as we were sorting through winter clothes we found a favorite long sleeved shirt that had holes in it. I couldn't bring myself to throw away her "Girls Rule" shirt. A snip around the decorations, then some zig-zag stitching, and viola - the "Girls Rule" shirt lives on.


rychelle said...

I love it! So cute. You could always do vertical ruffles (up by the neck, similar to tuxedo)or you could do a really cute ruffle along you shirts neckline...

You are so creative!