Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jacket Mailbag - You'll Never Guess

Every once in a while I like to go to Goodwill and find some fabric... in the form of a curtain, a prom dress, napkins, and in this case an old canvas men's jacket. After I located the perfect jacket, I found a simple mailblog pattern on another blog and adapted to what I had in mind.

So, here is my mailbag that cost less than $5 (I already had the leaf print canvas that I had found on clearance last year). Oh ya', the fun part is that the pocket in the bag came directly from the pocket on the outside of the jacket.

I usually carry big purses that can hold the kitchen sink. This one is perfect for snacks for my girls, a water bottle, and a book for a trip to the park. Can you tell that I am thinking "SPRING"?


Scott Anderson said...

I love it!

Kim said...

I love this...and I am sad I missed your green cleaning soap box chat. Everyone said it was fabulous! I even bought some lemons today to clean my is sparkling!