Thursday, July 9, 2009



Hey Mom,
Mom look!

Guess what Mom...

I decided to be an extra cool Mom and unload the dishwasher for the girls. That is their daily chore. They are soooooooo tired of taking out and putting away the 1,000 glasses that they dirty in a day. Grumble Grumble

On my way to be the BEST MOM of the day, Greta said "Hey Mom look at my bracelet!" They were happily playing with the slime they made today. I barely glanced her way and made the noise that Mom's make when they want their kids to think they are paying attention but we are really just thinking about all the other little chores that are taking up precious brain space. "Uh huh, that's nice Greta."

Mom...MOm... MOM...MOM!!!!
I realized "Someday it will be quiet". There will probably be days when the only voice I hear may be when I talk to my cats. The girls will be older. I won't be as important. They will have friends and families of their own. My heart skipped a beat. I realized that someday there won't be that endless chatter in the house. The constant distractions that make me forget my first name that was given to me at birth. I won't always hear the name that was given to me at their births that I share with so many other great women.

My days seems to never end during deplyments. I don't get time to think much less go to the bathroom alone.
Then I thought, when Gene is deployed he doesn't hear...

Gene, please go play with the girls. I am going to my room for some quiet time.

I am going to go enjoy my goop bracelet and the fact that today...