Friday, May 29, 2015

Creativity Comes In Many Forms

People would say that my kids are creative.  I mean, how could they not be?  I have made a point of painting, sculpting, and drawing with them since they were tiny.  They had birthday and Christmas themed around art supplies. Even though they have been exposed to all types of art one that I am most proud of is their interest and love of music.

Even though they have been exposed to all types of art one that I am most proud of is their interest and love of music.  I played the piano growing up but my abilities never came close to my teenager's love of the piano.  She's your typical teenage girl who blares her music from her room; however, it is often piano music that she is blaring. 

 My sweet youngest, who can be so quiet around others, is always using her voice.  When she is home she sings, raps, and just makes noise.  Her voice is strong and beautiful and perfect for choir. (She's the tall girl in the middle back row) It brings my heart joy to listen to them both enjoy art and creativity.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Take Your Kids to Work Day - Free Labor

This was the first time I was lucky enough to have a child on Take Your Kids To Work Day.  Gene's a soldier and there has always been a big day planned with workplace tours, activities, and lunch for the whole family.  The down side of that is that it is geared mostly to younger kids and ours are getting a little to old for it.  His loss is my gain!

Greta and I started our day with a working breakfast at Cafe 302, the hole in wall dinner down the street.  They make the best breakfast for $5 - two eggs, grits, sausage, and a biscuit with gravy.  I'm always waiting for Flo to come out and say "Kiss my grits!" (that's a nod to Al's Diner for all you young'ins)

Greta went to work helping me start paintings that are yet to be discovered.  We had a busy day and finished eight backgrounds. That is a big accomplishment.  It felt so good to have my helper with me but I think by the afternoon she was finished.  When we called it a day she headed to her room and announced that she needed some alone time. What?!?

Here are a few textured backgrounds.  Greta picked out the chandelier pattern and polka dots below and applied modeling paste.  The texture will be awesome on a painting... when inspiration hits and  I decide what it will become.  I do know that I plan to use the petroleum jelly painting technique so I will have layers of color but still maintain the patterns.  All in all, it was great day with my girl and hope she enjoyed it as much as I did but I doubt it.  As I watch my girls grow up, I find myself grasping for and hanging onto days like this.  I cherish them.