Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Initial Welcome Sign

I collect scraps of wood.  Nothing makes my heart beat faster than driving by a new build in the neighborhood and seeing a dumpster filled with wood scraps.  I'm a lucky girl because my hubby has not problem diving in and grabbing me the wood scraps I need want.  This scrappy gem has been sitting in the corner of the garage waiting to be made into a welcome sign for our front door.
I painted the background during a craft night I hosted with my friends (see previous post) and set it aside until I had time to add my personal touch.  Thanks to National Take Your Child To Work Day, also known as Free Labor Day in my house, I had extra time to work on my welcome sign. (There will be a post about that wonderful day coming soon)  After Greta got bored painting backgrounds for me, I asked her to pick out a collection of papers that I could use for my sign.  She did a great job, I love the colors!  It was all quick and easy...  I cut out petals for the flowers and printed positive words for the sign, distressed everything and glued it all into place.  I then did  a little shading, applied a  good coat of outdoor sealer and I glued on my initial, Like magic, I have the happiest welcome sign to place at my front door.