Thursday, April 18, 2013

Off Track In The Rain

This picture is obviously not me but it's the best I could find when I searched for "joints and rain".  Most of the pics were not about knee joints!  HA HA
Spring is the time to start fresh, right?  For some reason Mother Nature and my heart and body doesn't realize this.  The weather here has been unpredictable... just like me.  I am normally organized and think of myself as someone who handles change well.  I am a military spouse after all! 

I have been in a slump.  My life has gotten a bit off kilter and I am really looking forward to Spring.  I am ready to start fresh and start finding gratitude for God's gifts.  I even bought air fresheners for my car that say Think Happy Be Happy.

Today is rainy.  I usually love the rainy days.  I'll work extra hard in the morning to be able to carve out some time in the afternoon to sit and read a book and enjoy the rain.  Today I realized that it takes longer to recover from surgery than I thought and rain makes the pain flare up but I am happy to have a knee that is still getting me around - even if it is super achy on rainy days.  I missed an Etsy order and discovered that people are kind and forgiving.  Thank you Lindsay for your understanding.  I may be easily overwhelmed at this moment and a bit emotional.  We have a move coming up and so many things to keep my mind wrapped around.  I am thankful to God for making me a woman who feels joy just as strongly as any other emotion.  I am also blessed to have a family who sees my needs.  Just last night my husband listened to my worries and assured me that he understood and my girls cleaned the kitchen after dinner so I could have a break.

So, thank you God for getting me a bit off track in the rain today so I can be reminded to be thankful for the mercy and grace that you have freely given.


Angie Fallon said...

Sorry, you are in pain! I have been thinking about you and miss seeing your smiling face. I am going through that emotional challenge as well and am wondering if, the older I get, the harder change will be. It's like a roller coaster .... some ups and some downs and all of a sudden a roll over.... I am getting dizzy :-( ugh. But knowing you, you will be able to wing it without any problems. You are awesome and like you said, you have a great family!!