Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sharing The Good News and Good Times - Easter

Thank you God for sacrificing your Son for my family.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exercising Friday

The life of a dog...
well we have found out that his life wasn't so great before he came to our home and became a part of our family. The poor guy lived in filth, was sick, and had to protect himself on a daily basis from other aggressive dogs. I would really like to give his previous owner, who is a repeat offender, a piece of my mind. Not that he would care.
It is amazing that Friday is so sweet and loving to every person he meets - considering his background. He loves people but other dogs... not so much. That is something we are working on through training sessions and socialization. I don't think we can fully undo the harm that's been done but we can help.
Border Collies are smart dogs with a lot of energy. Gene taught him to run on the treadmill in a day. Friday also runs along side Gene while he bikes. That is a sight. Gene riding while holding the leash. I know he must be praying that Friday doesn't try to go in the opposite direction. But then again, that is why it is Gene and not me... I can barely bike in a straight line. The walks have been especially good for me. No more procrastinating going to the gym. It is now right outside my door and I have a gym partner who needs to workout daily.
I must admit, I didn't realize that having a dog would be so much work. I have days that I wish we had another cat (I really like cats). Or, on the days when there were a lot of other dogs out during his walk and he freaks out I might fantasize for a second that we didn't have him. There are days when he ate one too many treats and I had to use the Spotbot a gazillion times. He has a very sensitive stomach (I won't go into detail). Plus, his breed needs a lot of exercise but guess what? So do we. The reality is that Friday brings so much joy to our house... for Gene, the girls, and even me. I suppose he is worth it. Now, don't let me get started about when I want to return the girls... what? Oh ya' I can't return them. I suppose I'll keep them too.

Art Walk and Book Fair

Self - portrait
Being a bad Mom, I blurted out (before thinking) "You don't have pink glasses." Well, as it turns out her glasses are red and the spunky art teacher who was just around the corner reminded me that it is artistic license. OOOPS, my bad.
It's the details that get me... green fingernails and her first book.
This is a beautiful pic of the neighborhood sledding fun!
Look closely - there are little "G"s floating in the sky
Our home.

I love a good book fair... if you add an art walk then I am in heaven.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank You Gold Car

Cinnamon rolls from The Machine Shed.

Finally - I decided on a name and a business card/tag.
Reusable sandwich bags in prints picked especially for kids.

...more cool reusable sandwich bags. We use ours all the time for snacks and lunches. These even have complimentary polka dot bags.

Farm fresh eggs from Ms. Effie's.

What a fun morning...
On Friday we got up early and decided to have a great family morning. We celebrated the start off the day the same way our family celebrates anything else... food! Hello giant cinnamon roll and blueberry pancakes from The Machine Shed. The coffee and sugar high had me ready to drive out to Ms. Effie's Country Flowers and Gifts.
Farm fresh eggs are so beautiful. All the subtle shades of brown, green, and blue call to me. I brought Cathy some more reusable sandwich bags to sell in her Summer Kitchen and brought home three gorgeous dozen of eggs and two handmade salty nut rolls. Farm fresh eggs taste better. Plus, it is great to know that these chickens have names and get to spend their day enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. That is the way it was meant to be.
One the way back to town we spotted a gold car and decided to follow it and take the roads less traveled. It can be a bit iffy to follow an unknown vehicle to an unknown destination but we were up for the adventure. What are the chances of ending out in another state anyway? We drove down country roads and took a turn here and there... guess what? We ended out in Davenport! It was so much fun to see parts of the countryside and yell out "COWS.... SHEEP.... HORSES... MORE COWS!"
After the caffeine and sugar wore off, I was ready for a nap.