Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exercising Friday

The life of a dog...
well we have found out that his life wasn't so great before he came to our home and became a part of our family. The poor guy lived in filth, was sick, and had to protect himself on a daily basis from other aggressive dogs. I would really like to give his previous owner, who is a repeat offender, a piece of my mind. Not that he would care.
It is amazing that Friday is so sweet and loving to every person he meets - considering his background. He loves people but other dogs... not so much. That is something we are working on through training sessions and socialization. I don't think we can fully undo the harm that's been done but we can help.
Border Collies are smart dogs with a lot of energy. Gene taught him to run on the treadmill in a day. Friday also runs along side Gene while he bikes. That is a sight. Gene riding while holding the leash. I know he must be praying that Friday doesn't try to go in the opposite direction. But then again, that is why it is Gene and not me... I can barely bike in a straight line. The walks have been especially good for me. No more procrastinating going to the gym. It is now right outside my door and I have a gym partner who needs to workout daily.
I must admit, I didn't realize that having a dog would be so much work. I have days that I wish we had another cat (I really like cats). Or, on the days when there were a lot of other dogs out during his walk and he freaks out I might fantasize for a second that we didn't have him. There are days when he ate one too many treats and I had to use the Spotbot a gazillion times. He has a very sensitive stomach (I won't go into detail). Plus, his breed needs a lot of exercise but guess what? So do we. The reality is that Friday brings so much joy to our house... for Gene, the girls, and even me. I suppose he is worth it. Now, don't let me get started about when I want to return the girls... what? Oh ya' I can't return them. I suppose I'll keep them too.