Saturday, March 26, 2011


We have been living basketball the past couple of months. I must say that Gigi is a trooper. I would have tired of this schedule a month ago but she loves the game. She is on her second league. The first one was thrilling. Her team won the final tournament. Now, they are playing different teams and don't always win... maybe once. Everyone likes to win but there is an important lesson in this current league. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. It is how you played the game. (I didn't make that up myself ;)
She also takes my abuse after each game. I can't help myself... I have to know every single detail about her game and what was going through her mind while she was playing. Then I have this terrible habit of building her up on her strong points of the game but I can't leave it at that... I must (this is uncontrollable) tell her how she should improve her next game. Then at night while I am trying to fall asleep in bed and going through my parenting skills or lack of (depending on the day and normally feeling guilty) I always tell myself that the next game I will say nothing but positive comments.
She is a maniac in defense. I mean this kid goes at it with her heart during each and every game. There is always an injury that is real and then there is usually a faker injury that comes when she is tired and frustrated. Her goal was to get through this past game without the faker injury. She did it! It was so sweet... during her rest period I went where no parent is allowed. I snuck up behind the coach (who happens to be her Dad) and told her how great she was doing and I was proud of how she didn't let the faker get to her. She grinned and gave me sweaty hug. I don't want to forget that moment.
Softball is starting. I hope and pray that I can keep my trap shut.