Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gigi is Crazy Good

I am guilty! I admit it. There may be occasionally a day after school while I am standing at the counter going through homework, signing planners, "listening" to pleas and bribes about chores that I may miss a few pages of their completed papers. For the most part, I find the important stuff.

It was divine intervention that I found this one... scribbled on the back of a sheet of homework that was stapled in a collection of at least 1,000 homework papers. This is exactly what Gigi wrote (except for my comments in red):

My name is gigi and I have three positive personality traits. My first one is that I'm a crazy good friend. I come up with amazing ideas and I always knows whats right. (love that one...knows!!) My second trait is that i'm a good student. I love science and reading so bad that I want just those. (true that) I always listen to my teacher too. (the teacher added a smiley face here.) My last trait is that I'm funny. I always know what joke can cheer you up!