Monday, May 18, 2009

Hoppy Spring!

Mother's Day

I had a menu presented to me on Mother's Day. My breakfast choices included:

Caramel Delight

Graham Cracker Surprise

Milk - strawberry or banana

I chose Caramel Delight and settled down in my spot, especially made for me with pillows and quilts, to enjoy my breakfast. My spectacular gifts were neatly arranged within reach. It was a wonderful morning with a lot of love.

If you are wondering... Carmel Delight is a delightful mixture of soggy Carmel Delight Fiber One cereal topped with about 50 salted almonds. Delish!


Practically every night before bed Greta asks me how many more days until she gets to see her Daddy. Practically every night after Greta goes to bed, after she has asked me how many more days until she gets to see her Daddy, I try not to cry.

Do you remember sitting in the hard wooden chairs in elementary school and watching the seconds tick by on the clock? It seemed like each unbearable minute before lunch, recess, or the end of school took years to go by. That's how this deployment feels. Time is frozen. I am an adult so I can't even imagine how long it seems for a little girl who struggles to use "yesterday" and "tomorrow" correctly in her conversations.

She does understand cake. Thank goodness for cake.
Picture: Madison, Ella, Greta, and Gigi


Have I mentioned before that Gigi is a funny girl? She made me laugh out loud this afternoon. We were on our way to Wallace's to pick out some more flowers... we have spring fever... and Gigi said that she had to ask me a question:

G: Mom I saw a word in the bathroom today at school and I don't know what it means.

M: You can ask me. (thinking uh oh, this can't be good)

G: What does SH*T mean? (she said this as clearly and simply as if she was asking for pancakes for breakfast)

M: It is (laughing) a bad word that means "poop". Did you say this word to anyone else at school?

G: No way, I wanted to ask you first.

M: Well, G, God gave us a lot of prettier words to use so don't use that one. Okay?!?

I LOVE the fact that until today my second grader didn't know the meaning of the word. I also LOVE the fact that she wanted to ask me what it meant before she started blabbing it at school. I would bet my left pinky toe that most of the grown ups at school wouldn't believe her if she did say that word and then tried to claim innocence. I LOVE that kid.

The ride ended like this...

M: Get out of the car P**phead.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is beautiful. So, I ordered one for myself for Mother's Day. Maybe someone special (Gene) will get me the Be Still necklace... hint hint. p.s. I obviously have no shame.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love this kid!

I went in to the bathroom to tell Gigi she needed to speed things up in the shower and this is what popped out when the door opened. I laughed so hard and I still laugh when I look at this picture. It is so Gigi. She is a unique kid and my ray of sunshine.