Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary Gene! I hope he enjoys his present and will sing love songs to me in the fall.

So Many Reasons To Celebrate

We have so many reasons to celebrate...
*our family has made it through three months of the deployment
*Gene and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary
*we have a beautiful family - the girls put a lot of thought into picking out Polly Pockets to create a topper that resembled Gene and I
*we are blessed with great friends who want to share these moments with us

(Greta, Jake, Landon, Claire, and Gianna)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

16th Anniversary

I am really missing Gene this week. Our 16th anniversary is this Friday, Jan 23rd. So, I thought I would post a picture of him dancing with his youngest princess.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

Alvin! Simon! Theodore!
Christmas Christmas time is here.
Time for Joy and time for Cheer.
Now that you are humming the Alvin and The Chipmunks Christmas song take a peak at the Porter girls at Christmas.

Two Front Teeth

Oh my goodness... I am so blessed. I get to look at the adorable faces of two sisters who have lost both front teeth at the same time. Greta lost her other front tooth in mid-December. When I see a child with missing front teeth smile it makes my heart smile.

Ice Skating

Back to school - Christmas break ended today but boy did we have a lot of fun. There were so many cool things to do. We went ice skating for the first time, took a trip to the Family Museum with friends, went to the movies, went roller skating with friends, and played. I must say that the ice skating trip was exciting for all of us. Of course, I am not good at falling but I can sit on the bleachers and cheer the girls on. Gigi took a really good tumble that chipped her front tooth before it was even showing. She is one tough cookie. She was worried about the bleeding only because she wanted to get back out on the ice.

Celebration Cake

I am slow on posting this time. We had our second Celebration Cake over two weeks ago! That means that number three is just around the corner. We enjoyed a bit of peppermint with this yummy chocolate cake. Our fabulous neighbors/friends came over to celebrate our family getting one month closer to having Gene home. Left to Right: Reagan, Greta, Jordan, Ashton, and Gianna