Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mark Twain - Here we come.

One of the fun things we did during Spring Break was meet my Dad and Arlene in Hannibal MO for the weekend. Hannibal MO is a sleepy little town that is the place that many of Mark Twain's stories are woven around. It is also the location of the Mark Twain Cave. Since I am a chicken and can't handle going into the deep dark depths of a cave, Arlene sacrificed herself and went on the tour with the girls. They loved the cave tour. When they get to visit a cave it is tradition that they also pan for gems. Here are their findings.

Celebration Cake

We were in Hannibal MO with my Dad and Arlene visiting the home town of Mark Twain when we celebrated another month completed. Guess what... we are on our way to being half way finished. The sixth month has officially begun. Spending time with family is a great way to celebrate this milestone. Arlene, Papa Bill, Me, Greta, and Gigi.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gigi's Birthday Party

Girls, crafting, cookies, and presents! Who could ask for more. Happy 8th Birthday Gigi!

Potato Clock

Gene, always the thinker, wanted Gigi to be certain that he was thinking about her on her birthday so... he sent her a present to her classroom. Mrs. VanHulle, Gigi's teacher, loves a celebration so she helped with keeping the potato clock a secret, wrapped it, and even wrapped potatoes. She has a great sense of humor and gave Gigi the potatoes first, letting Gigi think that was the present. The entire class enjoyed the break as well as cupcakes and party crackers. Thanks to Gene and to Mrs. VanHulle for helping make this day special for Gigi.

Is 8 years old the new tween?

Is it the power of iPods that is making our kids grow up faster? I thought this was so funny... Gene sent Gigi an iPod for her birthday and the next thing I know, she is on the couch looking like she has grown up over night.